Calf’s Choice Total HiCal

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Natural bovine colostrum
Immunity with a boost of energy

Natural Bovine Colostrum

  • Made from only bovine colostrum; Simply colostrum. No blood, whey, egg or other ingredients not naturally found in maternal colostrum.
  • High in growth and antimicrobial factors; contains naturally high levels of IGF-1, EGF, lactoferrin, trypsin inhibitor and other colostral factors.

High Immunity

  • IgG molecules are readily absorbed for maximum immune protection.
  • > 85% IgG1 – The antibody most effective in protecting calves against diarrhea and pneumonia.
  • Broad spectrum of antibodies with demonstrated efficacy in 3 continents.

High in Colostral Fat

  • An important energy source required by calves immediately after birth.

Safe and Effective

  • Free of pathogens that cause the following diseases: Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, Leucosis, Paratuberculosis (causing Johne’s disease), Salmonellosis, E. coli infection, others.
  • USDA Veterinary Biologics licensed for use as a total replacement for maternal colostrum in calves as an aid in the treatment of failure of passive transfer.
  • Each serial is tested in calves for safety and efficacy.


  • Easily mixes in under 15 seconds!
  • 3-year shelf life.


  • Calf’s Choice Total® HiCal not only provides calves with the immunity they need, it’s also very high in natural colostral fat and is intended for calves requiring extra energy to get up, suckle, stay warm and stay alive.
  • HiCal may be used to supplement or completely replace maternal colostrum.
  • HiCal is made only from natural, premium quality bovine colostrum. It is an excellent source of IgG (over 85% in the form of IgG1), colostral fat, growth factors, and nutrients needed to improve calf survival, health, growth, and long term performance. HiCal is not a manufactured formula based on blood serum, whey, eggs, vegetable fats or other ingredients not naturally found in colostrum.


  • The Dairy Calf and Heifer Association recommends feeding “colostrum equaling 10% of body weight [about 4 quarts for most Holstein calves] in the first 2 hours of life with target serum IgG of >10 mg/mL and total protein of >5.2 g/dL.”
  • In a calf-feeding study filed with the Center for Veterinary Biologics of the USDA, calves fed 2 bags of Calf’s Choice Total® HiCal achieved average serum IgG levels of 14.5 mg/mL and average serum total protein levels of 5.4 g/dL. These levels were achieved when completely replacing maternal colostrum with Calf’s Choice Total® HiCal.
  • To achieve a replacement dose, feed a minimum of 200g IgG as newer industry standards suggest 150-200g IgG for optimal calf performance. If supplementing, feed a minimum of 50-100 g IgG in addition to sufficient maternal colostrum to target a similar overall mass of IgG.