Eterna Gold

Eterna Gold is our in house brand and currently comes in a 360g container.

Our line of colostrum for human use, Eterna Gold, has been designed to offer you the natural support of colostrum for your immune or athletic needs in a convenient format to suit your lifestyle. All of our Eterna products are registered with Health Canada as a natural health product- just look for the NPN or EN number on the label to ensure that the natural product that you are consuming complies with Health Canada’s safety regulations.

Immune Support:

If you are looking for a daily immune support supplement.

Athletic Performance:

If you are an athlete looking to build lean muscle mass, help your body recover from exercise, improve performance, or reduce the number of days that you cannot train due to seasonal illness, then an increased colostrum dose suited for athletes is what you need. Eterna Gold Athletic Powder allows you to perform to your potential.

We accept Visa and MasterCard for direct payment, so please contact us for our latest pricing and to order. Eterna is only available in Canada.

Please note that all our products contain Dairy. Do not use our products if you have a known allergy to dairy products.

We are interested in private label opportunities, so if you are looking to add a colostrum product to your current offerings please get in contact with us.