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For Sale in Canada Only

HeadStart is a research-proven, whole bovine colostrum supplement for producers to optimize calf health and productivity by improving their colostrum program.

Product Number: X0001

How do I mix this product?

Our mixing process is simple. Add powder to warm water and mix instantly!

How quickly should I feed this product?

To maximize antibody absorption, we recommend feeding colostrum to a calf within 2 hours of birth. Feed a second feeding within 8 hours as needed.


Product Details

Item Weight: 225 g

IgG Content: 60 g

Product Number: X0001

Pail Quantity:  25 bags/case

Scoop Included: No

High in immunity
Pure Colostral Fat
Mixes Instantly!

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Where to Buy

We offer our products in many countries across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.


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Summer edition / 22 July, 2024

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